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What to say of those we never saw again?

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Who will answer these questions? But thanks to the texts we find the beginning of an answer! If we need to prepare our future we must certainly find out about our past! You will see some incredible pictures in that book as in my case I was overjoyed to see a picture of my great grandfather Elia Vidal, dressed in a flowing galabeya , jacket and tarbush! Not forgetting the virile moustache Dated This book has given me back my roots and proved the worth of Italian Jews in Egypt in reply to those who said we had acquired our Italian nationality when the archives burnt in Livorno!

We all have a different way of expressing ourselves and those of us who are concerned with our plight have made it their duty to study with earnestness the components of our Community over the centuries and provide evidence of their investment on that subject. I shall not point out one or the other writers personally for fear of creating a rift among us, but I am convinced that the book is an indissoluble link among us Jews from Egypt.

Nasser divided and dispersed us sending us out fe setin dahia , to sixty hells, now this Golden Book brings us together again. We feel so indebted to those who took so much care to give us back a part of our inheritance: Initiators and Editors: Ada Aharoni, Ph. My heartfelt thanks for this significant and colossal work! May it be a Best Seller and teach our descendants a lesson in courage and intelligence. Un esprit de Un amour Nadia Khoury-Dagher.

Many of you are already familiar with this gentleman; he has his very own website through which he has managed to turn into a haven for those refugee Jews from Egypt. But this is not the reason he has earned our vote as "Man of the Year". Albert Pardo connaissait mon papa, Joseph Dassa. Pardo est celle qui a fait ma plus grande joie.

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Albert Pardo knew my father, Joseph Dassa. Of all the acquaintances and "finds" I made through the publishing of my blog, the one that brought me the greatest joy was my dialogue with Mr. He told me that it was customary for people like my father to have their own business, though they would work in someone else's office. My father was an importer of papers, and Mr. Pardo was one of his Cairene clients.

It was a most jostling discovery, as I spent the last 30 years of my life as an importer of fine handmade papers from all over the world. I never knew my father was in the business. Et qu'il l'avait entendu dialoguer avec un certain M. Franco que je connaissais de nom seulement dans cette langue. And that he had heard him oftentimes discuss business with a Mr. Franco whom I knew by name only in that very language. He also told me that my father was " an honest business man, pleasant and above all, very intelligent".

Comment remercier quelqu'un qui vous rapproche de vos racines encore plus? Papi et moi nous sommes finalement un peu connus durant sa maladie, quand je prenais soin de lui. How do you thank someone for bringing closer to your roots? During his illness and prior to his death, my father and I became closer as I tended to him. I knew him to be intelligent, a bit haughty, and possessing an uncanny talent for language. Like him, I had the same ease with language.

But specifically with Spanish, that I learned by "osmosis". I never understood why it came to me so easily, even when dealing with the subjunctive tense!! On this 23 day of December , Joseph Dassa would have been 93 years of age.

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Albert Pardo gave him the best gift this year, and just in the nick of time. Albert et Mireille Pardo, une belle rencontre! Son hobby? Je vous recommande de visiter son.

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CAIRO , a short trip:. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed at the harbour white marble buildings and floor. Everything was spotless. Shawish everywhere with their guns standing guard! We were accompanied by motorised police part of the way and that made me feel safer because of that underlying fear since leaving Egypt and which was one of my nightmares: Lost somewhere in Egypt unable to find my way home.

To begin with our guide was a Copt who spoke French to perfection with that accent we love. I learned more from him than during my whole life there! He told us about the Pharaohs, how they had their Pyramids built and the huge stones that are still there today and various anecdotes about daily life that made us laugh. We had taken about four litres of water with us and we were offered a big bottle in the coach.

It was an old bus rattling along and at one moment we thought it would break down in the middle of the desert and we would have to push! The air-conditioning did not work! I believe it was about 32 degrees when we arrived at the Pyramids. No sooner had we disembarked than a crowd of children, their clothes torn and sometimes without shoes, nevertheless pretty, fell on us pushing their wares in our arms trying to sell the fake amulets or scarabs.

Exasperated, I shouted: yalla emshi! And they looked at me. How did this affrangeya speak Arabic? After that the men renting camels and horses pulled us by the arm almost putting us by force on their animals. Except for some, the majority did not want to take a ride.

I heard the man mumble: yen aal aboukom but pretended I did not understand. A little word about clothes: foreign women came in shorts their bottom exposed and naked arms and shoulders. Imagine a woman on a Camel wearing her shorts and half her breast showing.

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The local women wore a Muslim head cover and our tourists compared to them seemed almost indecent especially as the Arab men thinking no one understood made their comments as usual! After that we went to the Sphinx. Here the vendors could not follow because we had tickets and the entrance was guarded by shawish policemen who sheltered under a shamseya a sunshade. When we went out through another door, they were there waiting for us!

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Houses and buildings of very poor quality now surround the Pyramids and Sphinx! We got on that coach and went on to a Pyramids Sofitel Hotel for our meal. It was cool, clean and decorated with taste.